Spain is responsible for so many wonderful things, and their food and drink is among some of the best in the world. World Tapas Day is celebrated on 16 June. This mainstay of Spanish cuisine is often served up as a snack or as an appetizer before a meal and can include lots of tasty things from olives and cheese to hams and squid. This Wednesday why not take the time out to try at least one tapas today or perhaps visit a tapas restaurant and find out which ones you love best!

Now, if you don´t like sport or do not want to watch the Euro 2020 tournament, then apologies in advance!

Your evening viewing has been taken over as BBC one and ITV have live coverage of EURO 2020 football matches throughout the week. You can still watch the soaps!

On top of this, BBC TWO has daily coverage from Monday of tennis from Queen´s at the iconic west London venue where Andy Murray is hoping to make his return from injury.

There is also Boxing: GB Olympic Qualifiers on BBC TWO on Sunday.

ITV is also showing racing throughout the week.

And Channel4 present highlights of the 2021 European Para Athletics Championships from Leeds on Sunday.

We have found some programmes for you to enjoy and read about in our TV features throughout the magazine. Thank you Channel5!

Gino’s Win Your Wish List: The Big Win is back for a third series each weekday and Summer on the Farm Live is showing every evening.

Carol Klein’s Great British Gardens is back for another series on Monday while Inside Tesco: 24/7 is a new series on Wednesday.

Other programmes of interest include Trooping the Colour on BBC TWO on Saturday with coverage of the pageantry and spectacle of the ceremony to mark the official birthday of Elizabeth II, performed by British and Commonwealth army regiments.

The Wall hosted by Danny Dyer returns on BBC one on Saturday evening.

Grand Designs New Zealand returns for a fourth series and Britain´s Most Beautiful Landscapes takes us on a breathtaking visual journey around Snowdonia this week; both on More4 on Monday.


Editor´s pick of the week -


on Channel4 on WEDNESDAY just after midnight at 00.05am

Over the past two decades, more than a half a million Eritreans have fled their home country in eastern Africa, escaping one of the most repressive and secretive dictatorships in the world. Filming and reporting in Eritrea is almost impossible. But for more than five years, producer and director Evan Williams has been gathering secretly shot footage from inside the country and interviewing people who've escaped; documenting shocking allegations of torture, arbitrary detention, and indefinite forced conscription into military service. This gripping and eye-opening documentary is a rare and powerful look inside one of the most tightly controlled countries on earth, highlighting the voices of people who have endured the unimaginable.

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